Gear4 Renew SleepClock

Jul 30, 2012 No Comments by

Mrs Fogey truly treasures her kip.  It’s either eight hours solid shut-eye or a subsequent 16 hour grumpathon.  Over the years many bedside gizmos have been enlisted to both illuminate the awfulness that is 4.32am and give boudoir airspace to the early morning hectoring of John Humphrys and his fellow inquisitors on Radio 4’s Today programme.

And in spite of several purchases such as an iHome Cack-Dock, she keeps returning to a trusty, vintage Sony clock/radio.  The Sony has a dimmable, red LED display.  This is an important detail; most such displays are either white or green.  Red doesn’t light up the room like Regent Street on Christmas Eve.

Fit bird not included

And now Gear4, peddlers of clock docks, wireless speaker docks and Angry Birds iPod/iPhone novelty speaker docks, is shuffling into the land of nod.  Their Renew Sleep Clock can dock all manner of iPoddery but it also has an in-built sensor that monitors your sleep cycle.  All you need do is have it on your bedside table (it only monitors one person at a time, so the snoring walrus next to you will have to get his own).  There’s nothing you need wear and there is no visible paraphernalia.  Renew knows when you are asleep and also when it’s best to wake you within a 30 minute window.  Download the complementary app and your sleep stats can be collated by your iPhone or even iPad (the dock can accommodate an iPad).  You’ll know how long you were actually asleep and how efficient that sleep was.  Oh, and the dimmable display can be dimmed down to nothing.

Thanks to some bureaucratic bollocks the Renew Sleep Clock won’t be on sale in the UK until later in the year (it’s been out in the US for over six months), when it will cost £169.  You can register here to be sent info as and when it becomes available.