Let There Be Rock!

Nov 25, 2012 No Comments by

Driving Hammersmith fly-over on Saturday we passed a hording adjacent to the Polygram building that proclaimed, ‘AC-DC now on iTunes’.  Tech Fogey’s heart sank and then rose.  AC-DC have been one of the longest fogey-ish hold-outs against the irresistible onslaught of digital media and specifically, iTunes.  Their reasoning had something to do with the supposed creative integrity of the multi-track album as opposed to the cherry-picking possibilities of single-track purchases.  TF has a very soft spot for the band and their uncompromising, foot-stomping, head-shaking racket but we’ve always had problems ripping their CDs to iTunes so that they actually stayed there.  It’s as though there’s some sort coding applied to every AC-DC disc that renders their tunes unreadable at some point after they’ve been uploaded to iTunes. Now, though, all that is over.  We can buy stuff we’ve already bought just for the convenience of getting those AC-DC tunes onto an iPod and so make winter runs that much more bearable.  Because there is no better running music.