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A couple of posts ago we were rude about Panasonic and implied they’d missed the boat and were in dire straits etc.  They had a press conference the other day here at CES.  TF didn’t go.  We were rearranging our sock drawer (to quote a film with John Cusack, not sure which one).  Apparently Panasonic introduced a 4k tablet.  In other words a tablet computer with a very, very high definition screen.  We’ve always thought high-def screens needed to be really big to make that definition stand out but what do we know?

This is what Panasonic say about their thingy:

1080p is fine. But when you need the ultimate clarity for detailed images and video, the new Panasonic Toughpad™ 4K Tablet offers an impressive four times the resolution of a 1080p display. And, with Windows® 8.1 Pro, it surpasses ordinary tablets by harnessing the processing power of a desktop. Add to that an unprecedented level of precision: The optical natural hand writing pen option offers 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity and accuracy to the pixel level.”

Got that?  It’s the world’s first 4k tablet, albeit one with a 20-inch screen.  More of a tray, then.

And it will cost $6,000.


And it was announced ages ago.  Last year, apparently, but it’s only going on sale about now.  That’s what happens when you eavesdrop on conversations about subjects of which you know nothing.  You find that the person upon whose eaves you were dropping doesn’t know anything either.  And let that be a lesson to us.