Show Me the Money!

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Not that long ago, if you posted a video on YouTube and it got thousands of views all you got in return was a sort of pyrrhic satisfaction.  ‘Yaaay, my video of swimming/farting/burping cats that look like Hitler got 1,200, 309 views.  So what?’  TF has never been quite sure why so many desperate attention-seekers feel the need to share their sad little lives with the digital cosmos but now there’s cash to be made from a YouTube hit we totally understand.  There are other ways to monetise YouTube success but Viewzey have told us about themselves so we’re telling you.  Bottom line is they take 30 per cent of whatever advertising revenue is gleaned from your videos.  How much this could amount to is anyone’s guess but it’s more than nothing and if you think you can establish a moneymaking relationship with YouTube on your own, well, good luck.  It also incentivises all budding Spielbergs to drum up business by blathering on about their stuff on social media sites.  There’s more info here.

Now all we have to do is teach Mrs Fluffy to dance and sing and we can retire.  So far, this seems unlikely.

Mrs Fluffy dreaming of food