Fogey Friday 9th March

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So there was a new iPad.  Oh joy of joys!!  Plus some other stuff about Pandora, Bentley, Yahoo…

Apple.  Cor!

Radish (not Apple)

The European edition of the Wall St Journal really did ‘hold the front page’ for the new, improved, same price as the old one, iPad.  It has a higher resolution screen, faster processor, better camera and something called 4G.  TF is still not really sure what 3G is/was aside from a contraction of 3rd Generation.  We think it’s great swathes of airspace through which only very expensive mobile telephony can occur.  It’s all immaterial anyway, coz there is no 4G in the UK.  Yet.  The big deal about 4G is that it lets you download/stream high def movies on your iPad.  But after you’ve paid iTunes for the content and then your mobile carrier for the data download you may be left to muse on whether you were that desperate to see Night at the Museum 2.

Available from March 16th from £399.  More info here.


Pandora is a music streaming service like Spotify and Deezer.  On the face of it they are doing very well; more users consuming billions more hours of music.  Thing is Pandora pays a royalty for each listened-to song and while more users should make the service more attractive to advertisers, so far it hasn’t, which means costs are increasing while revenues are fairly static; a circumstance that has sent their share price tumbling.  But with more users listening on mobile devices it can’t be long before advertisers wise up to Pandora’s potential. Which is why the Wall St Journal thinks you should buy their stock.  If you’re located outside the US, though, you can’t access Pandora.  And if you live in the US you can’t yet get Spotify.  This is partly to do with licensing deals and the lack thereof but the upshot could well be that all those vested interests trying to cling on to the supposed value of their precious musical product will, if they don’t stop farting about and realise that music streaming is the only viable future revenue model, end up with a catalogue of assets worth precisely nothing.  Find out (possibly very little) about Pandora here, Spotify here and Deezer here.

Yahoo 2

Last week we said Yahoo was suing Facebook over copyright/patent infringement.  Not strictly true – they were just threatening to sue Facebook.  A bit like TF threatening both Klitschko brothers.  Imagine the beads of terror-sweat forming on the Zuckerberg brow.  He’ll be bricking it.

Bentley 4×4

Not tech – we know, but is this the pug-ugliest dollop of auto-cack you’ve ever seen?  It’s an Austin 1800 ‘land-crab’ with wheels made from recycled jet-engine impellers.  Bleurgh!  Apparently it’s just a concept.  Please make it stay that way.

NY Times

A selection of possibly interesting articles from the New York Times.

This one is about a very committed American person storing physical copies of every book he can lay his hands on in shipping containers.  Because as we all know, children, digital doesn’t mean for ever and there’s really no substitute for the real,  physical thing.

This details how ‘multi-tasking’ now means watching TV while farting about with some other screen-based device/toy such as a laptop, tablet or smartphone and how the geeks who’ve made the programme you’re sort-of watching (without paying proper attention) want your supplementary browsing to have something to do with their televisual creation rather than random life-wasting.

Yahoo is trying to woo users by making original programming to show on its site.  At some indeterminate point in the future Electric City, an animated series produced by Tom Hanks’s company, will also debut and we’ll write a separate bit of blurb about that later.  TF actually sat in the same room as Tom and heard/watched him be quite funny and personable in explaining the whys and wherefores of Electric City and we have a nice photo to go with it that would be a shame to waste.  But this article from the NY Times isn’t about EC but some sort of alleged comedy.

And finally, this piece is about an airline app that you can download that will help with concourse navigation and other stuff concerning the breathtaking tedium that is now your  typical airport experience.