Nokia 105 – the Perfect Fogey Phone

Feb 26, 2013 No Comments by


Nokia has just launched a mobile phone that will bring a warm glow to the soft parts of all Fogies.  It’s basic, it’s cheap (£16) and a single charge will keep the battery going for 35 days!!!!!  Joy unconfined at Fogey Central (our bedroom-cum-office).


The official media line is that the 105 is aimed at the developing world which has no money and no electricity and that western societies that have plenty of both those commodities will use it as a back-up or emergency device.


Keep it simple, stupid

The 105 will fly off the shelves to anyone who’s sick of being attached to a smarty-pants smartphone that craves attention more than a whining, nagging child.

It does what mobile phones used to do – voice calls and text – and that’s it.  No camera, no Internet, no apps.  It does, however, have a torch (for finding that last Werthers Original that’s fallen down the side of the car seat) and FM radio, although there aren’t many Fogey stations on FM and we think they’d have done better with AM, or preferably Long Wave so we can tune in to Test Match Special and the World Service.

Oddly, though, the 105 doesn’t seem that different from the Nokia 100, which has the same features (or lack thereof) and is all of £19 on Amazon, which is more than £16 but not that much more.  So if you want a really basic phone right now, today, get the 100.  Or wait a few weeks for the 105.

And as if to confirm that Nokia is a company run by total muppets there is no mention of the 105 on Nokia’s website, in spite of it having been launched at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and therefore being all over the mainstream media.

More info on the 100 here and on the 105 here.  Buy the Nokia 100 for a measly £19.